Amnesia of the past a work in progress

Disengage the weakening mirror, Cradle the optic mind

Release the ocean

Shower your shoulders with strength

Increase your connection to the magnificent,
Effect your potential with Honor

Embrace this walk "Front and Center"

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“The worst thing about not taking a risk, is not taking one.”  “This message, given to me by Carlton about 8 years ago, has guided my every decision.  In the brief time that I had the opportunity to work with Carlton, I recognized his passion for life, engaging personality, and zenful motivation.  Always pushing me to strive to be the best, Carlton was a constant reminder of the good to come if I stayed on my path to success.  Fast forward to today, with Carlton’s voice in my mind about the penalties of not taking risks, I am now the Culinary Director of my own restaurant and officially became a US Citizen, a lifelong dream of mine, in 2009.  It’s the little things that people say that stay with you for a lifetime and Carlton’s belief in me and words of wisdom have made an indelible mark on both my mind and my heart.”

 - Christopher Hylton,
Raleigh, NC 

“In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc. is a 9 year old, 501©3 Community Service Organization that focuses on the mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being of Black, Gay, Same Gender Loving, and Bi-Sexual men in Los Angeles County.

 In our quest to fulfill our mission/purpose we have been guided to the exceptional talents of Carlton Wilborn. Our organization and ultimately the lives of the diverse population of men that we serve have been elevated through his workshops, presentations and trainings.

 It is through his willingness to first say yes and then to show up early, energized and ready to share not only from his rich reservoir of life experiences and ultimate lessons learned. But just as importantly, his readiness to share without reservation the truth of his evolution and liberation.

 It is through his openness that he has taught our clients how to systematically move beyond, shame, fear, and blame to a place of peace and healing. He articulates living in the present, and reconciling the past while building ourselves for the future.

 In The Meantime is grateful to Carlton for his unabashed renderings. We look forward to further developing our history for years to come. In The Meantime Stands, Front and Center, as we celebrate Carlton Wilborn a God gift to the universe.”

Jeffrey C. King,
Founder and Executive Director of In The Meantime Men's Group, Inc.

“I am a creative visual director and have been in the entertainment industry over 20 years. I was so down I was suicidal, drinking, smoking and just not caring. I meet with Carlton through a friend, and he said three simple things that shifted my universe and put my life back on track. As I continued to share my story, he listened and nodded, and let me spill my heart out with no judgment, no wise cracks and no smirks. When i was done he took my hand and said point blank "GROW UP…GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND STOP ACTING LIKE A MARTER.”  He was right! I got myself into this mess, and at that moment I knew I could get myself out. I took his advice, used some tools he gave me, and still continues to give me, and my life has turned around. I’m back on track, I got rid of the dead weight, focused on myself, and attracted a whole new group of great friends. I got an incredible new job, and, so easily, was back on the way to my own self.”

- Rick Floyd,
Los Angeles, CA

"Through his actions, Carlton helped to reiterate the lesson that the quickest way to receive is to give.  By opening his heart and time, he helped remind me that the process of caring for someone or something else is in its own right a roborant.  I hope more people will have an opportunity to experience his energy as I have." 

 - Victor Grant,

“My dearest Carlton, words cannot express how amazing you were on Saturday. I knew when we asked you to officiate our marriage, we were making the right decision; however, you surpassed our wildest dreams. Your spirituality has reached such a heightened level, and everyone felt that power flowing through them. We keep getting compliments on how warm and gracious you were with my family and friends throughout the night, as well. We love you dearly, Carlton.”

- Jenni & Mike

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Carlton Wilborn to you. He has a hands-on approach to the Universal Laws of Success and how to apply them.  His ability to address the true issues with heart and soul were impeccable!  He truly is a treasure and we were blessed by An Evening with Carlton.  His authentic style and grace in illustrating his point was inspiring!  The audience was in a state of rapt attention as he shared his journey.  He is an elegant, powerful and professional presence on the Global Platform and deserves all the accolades he has received.  His dynamic style and unique configuration of strength and versatility are noteworthy."

 - Dr. Sharron Stroud
Founder of InnerFaith Spiritual Center Worldwide
Institute of Successful Living, Dean

“Working with Carlton has helped me to be more authentically and powerfully involved in making big changes in my life and in my career as an artist. He is truly a force; whenever I speak with him, he helps me to become more aware of my own still-untapped potential and to deal with my personal responsibilities in a powerful way.”

 - Emiko North
Graphic Designer 


“In my role as Senior Creative Director for Xperience Communications, I frequently work with top level talent.  As the face and voice for our corporate clients, professional speakers and hosts play an essential role in connecting with their core audiences.  

For the past three years Carlton Wilborn has acted in this capacity on behalf of one of our most valued clients, Panasonic, at the Consumer Electronics Show—the world’s largest trade show.  His professionalism, authority and presence have been invaluable assets in delivering the Panasonic story.  Whether on camera, live or voiceover, he never fails to elevate the material he’s given, and to connect powerfully with audiences.  In 2008 he played a key role in supporting Panasonic President Toshihiro Sakamoto in his CES Keynote Address—a landmark event for the company that received global media coverage and universal acclaim.

Carlton will always be on my very short list of talent who are a step above the rest.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

- Michael Carrera
Communications (Los Angeles)

I just wanted to thank you for your guidance and insight in helping me get UNSTUCK in my life.  Although I had been on a three year spiritual journey to expand and grow, there were areas where I felt that something was missing. I just wasn’t getting the results I knew where there for me. By sharing your unique perspective and spiritual insight, you opened up a new way of me looking at the choices I was making…or in my case NOT making. Gently allowing me to see what is really important to me as a Husband, Father and a powerful creative force in this universe. I joined Prospect Mortgage back in the fall and it has been better than I ever expected. Even more important for me you renewed a passion to be happy, so I have recently signed with Avalon Artist Group and am pursuing my acting again. Thank you!”

- Page Moseley,
Los Angeles, CA

“I have spoken with Carlton Wilborn on many different occasions addressing different kinds of issues. He has consistently been able to hear the pieces of a problem I'm trying to understand and see how they are connected to a deeper sense of my own development. He can sense the synchronicity and possibility lurking in the challenges at hand. I leave our conversations feeling inspired to dive into projects - feeling strong in charting new territory. It is as though he can tap into what my Spirit is trying to lead me to and help me see it in my present situation. With these insights, I always feel calmer, joyful, connected to Spirit - even if I must wait for the details to reveal themselves.” 

 - Leslie Stevens,
Librettist for Los Angeles Opera

"Over the past 5 years Carlton and I spent many evenings building a long lasting friendship inspired by hundreds of hours of spiritualism and self-healing. He was there in some of the most difficult times of my life and with every conversation came encouragement and a relentless wisdom that led to the unveiling of personal truths that plagued my mind, body, and soul for years. With his unwavering patience and guidance, he showed me how to make peace with these truths so that they would never haunt me again. I still sometimes call him for the littlest things, and regardless of the circumstance he respectfully acknowledges each conversation with the same tenacity and candor as if we were talking about the biggest hurdle in my life. I am forever grateful for Carlton's teachings."

- Scotty Lund,
Musician, Mixer, Producer

"Mr. Carlton Wilborn is a true example of the fulfillment of The American Dream. I had the privilege and honor to meet him while I was a full-time college student at UCLA, and he has served me as a blueprint to fulfill my American Dream after college; to be committed to my family, and take the courage to write my first memoir book. He encouraged me to act, while in the face of fear, and make the powerful choice to stand tall and firm, no matter what my childhood challenges, having grown up in Honduras. Mr. Wilborn is very attentive, caring and truly inspiring to our younger generation of Americans; moving us from being, simply, the MTV Generation, to become the ones to change the world in this 21st Century. He is truly one of the nation's best inspirational life coaches and self-development teachers, always speaking to the human soul with his humility."

 - Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr.,
The New All-American Boy

"His insightful advice as well as his ability to view things from alternative perspectives, has given me a piece to the puzzle, in my own relationships, that has had a colossal effect on me feeling optimistic about the future. He has a genuine gift, and I am very proud and honored to call him my friend." 

- Bo Nesslein
Mixed Martial Arts Referee and Coach

“Carlton has been an amazing gift to me. He has been coaching me for a while, now, and his commitment to my well-being and to me living the life, that I truly desire keeps me on point...always. His passion and understanding really makes me feel like, not only, am I not alone in my journey, but that it is really possible to be and have the life that I want. He's brutally honest and compassionate...this truly makes for a safe space to heal, grow, and manifest my hearts deepest desires...I believe he's been put here to do this work!”

 - Bete Agonafer
Business Owner

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