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Carlton's Story

Who I am…
I am a healer and a global, motivational, self-development teacher. This shows itself in many facets of my life and career, including life coaching and public speaking before corporations, nonprofit organizations, and any group that can benefit from my motivational, inspirational, empowering message.

Where I come from…
My beginnings looked bleak. I suffered through five years of childhood sexual abuse, the violence of an alcoholic father, and the instability of growing up in a home with abuse, dysfunction, and marital infidelity. All that madness led me to regretful ways—and the need to cover my shame with dodging and hiding. I lived a secret life, and felt constant pressure to keep up the charade. Powerful personal demons plagued me, and decades of extreme health conditions followed.

My Victory…
It is not enough for me to tell you that I survived. If survival was all I had managed—and many are not even that fortunate—I would consider myself blessed. I am here to tell you I have not only survived and overcome, I am thriving. I am victorious. My painful life experiences have been transformed into gifts. My own life looks polar opposite from where it did when I began. Considering my early foundation, it is nothing short of miraculous that I live within such freedom today.

I have danced before twenty thousand people at Madison Square Garden and eighty thousand at Wembley Stadium in London. I have led the keynote address alongside the CEO of Panasonic for the CES Convention held in the Grand Ballroom of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. In addition to the live stage work I have done, I have appeared in movies, on television, and in print. And, I received the USA Book News Best Book Award of 2007 in the memoir category, as the author of my first published book.

So, how does a little black boy, growing up on the south side of Chicago, find himself as a principal dancer for Madonna’s global tours? As they say, you can’t get here from there—but that is exactly where life took me…

My Journey of Transformation…
I set out on a journey to become fully my most authentic, empowered self. I cultivated a warrior spirit, and vowed to soldier on, despite the obstacles on the path. I dedicated myself to a path of higher consciousness and healing, facilitated through the many facets of my diligent self-awareness work, including religious science practice, meditation, and the study of sacred texts such as the Bible and the Kabbalah.

Along the way, my challenges, trials, and experiences became refining, clarifying, strengthening, and revealing. I nurtured within myself boundless compassion, empathy, wisdom, insight, and determination.

All of the chains are broken. None of my past circumstances use me today. I am no longer imprisoned by fears of the past or apprehensions over current or future challenges.  I am not saying I am done with my internal work—growth is a lifelong discipline. What I do know is that, thanks to the skill sets I have picked up along the way, I no longer hide from challenges that need to be faced. I no longer need to engage in the dodging and darting that keeps people from their deepest truth and their highest power. I did that for years—and I paid the price for it.

My life continues to exceed my dreams, and surpass my own expectations, as well as those of so-called experts who would tell you that I should have been dead long ago, or if not dead, then down for the count.

My Awakening…
Throughout my life and career, I have had the pleasure of traveling with, working beside, and spending time in the company of, a wide cross-section of people. As I looked at the different people I have encountered and the multi-layered complexities that held me down for so long, I began to see a correlation: The issues that had me in bondage are the very issues that now allow me to speak directly to a person—or group of people—about what they may be dealing with in the areas of self-esteem, health, spirituality, finances, career, dating, marriage, family, and personal relationship dynamics. My personal experience now becomes something that can serve others, as I share my motivational, inspirational, and empowering message. My background has also prepared me to be an ideal conduit and speaker for any uplifting message a corporation, organization, or nonprofit entity wishes to present at a group level.

It was as if everything I went through in my life led me to the work I am now doing as a life coach, speaker, motivator, and healer. I could see how my own personal experiences navigating the challenging rivers of life made me uniquely qualified to empower, support, guide, and motivate you, either at a group level or as your one-on-one pocket referee and coach. No matter what may have inspired you to reach out for a life coach or speaker, I can deliver the insights that will allow you and/or your group to overcome those unconscious and unseen barriers that block your way and obscure the road ahead. Together, we can amplify your drive and motivation, and help you break through to the next level.

My Gift…
As a life coach for individuals and groups:

My spiritual work has empowered me to operate in the area of the subconscious. We all have many thoughts and ideas that resonate throughout our consciousness. But, sometimes—in fact, most of the time—those thoughts and ideas fail to penetrate the quiet, subconscious level where the real truth of what we believe tends to settle. When we stay at the level of the conscious mind, any healing we get is bound to be temporary and dissolve quickly, leaving us once again in the territory of familiar pitfalls and habits.

My gift—and what sets me apart, perhaps, from other life coaches and speakers you might find—is my capacity to get right to the heart of the matter, which always lies in the subconscious area. It is my ability to hold a safe place for you, and to guide you in your exploration through the subconscious arena that makes the real difference, and creates lasting results. The whole paradigm through which you view any given area of your life will shift once we tap that subconscious level, and discover what your beliefs truly are, and are not, in the area of your life where you are presently focused.

As a speaker:

My varied background and vast experience as a professional actor, dancer, and choreographer makes me a powerful, professional, polished, and impassioned speaker. Those qualities blend with my spiritual work and allow me to bring great depth and dimension to any content I might be delivering—regardless of whether it might be authored by me or someone else.

My Mission…
To ignite courage, freedom, and healing for people on multiple stages.

My Vision…
To have greater and greater numbers of living examples of what we envision ourselves becoming. If we can live in a world where we walk beside more people who are modeling what we hope to accomplish, our own vision becomes that much more possible and accessible. Then, we are not going after something that exists only in the realm of the imagination. The bigger the numbers of people I—and we—can impact, the more walking testament-examples we have of what is ultimately possible from the human being.

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